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About the Mount Davis Militia Association

This website, which is maintained by the Mount Davis Militia Association, was created to inform the public regarding the legal existence of the unorganized militia in the United States. Our headquarters are located on Mount Davis, the highest point in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the Appalachian Mountains dividing the East Coast and the Central Plains of the United States. This location provides us with the high ground, allowing for long range observation, superior communications ability and an elevated defensive position.

Mount Davis Observation Tower

Organized in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a not-for-profit corporation and pending IRS 501(c)(3) determination, our mission is:
"to defend the Constitution of the United States of America by providing educational services and charitable contributions to the natural born citizens and lawfully formed organizations of the United States who may be called into service for such defense."

The founders of our organization have realized the need for an organization formed with a purpose to train, educate, arm, coordinate and support all qualified members of the unregulated militia. We believe that "You are the militia", if you are an able-bodied, well intentioned natural born citizen, man or woman, who has the ability to stand strong in the face of any enemy that would present themselves in an attempt to negate the civil liberties that have been afforded to us by our forefathers and those who have died in the defense of our nation and our freedom.

The Mount Davis Militia Association is not a radical group with any purpose to suppress or expel the rights of any race, color, political or religious group nor is it a paramilitary training organization designed to foster or enable any unlwaful, criminal activity.

All enlisted and registered members of the Militia Association are held to the highest moral standards and must willingly submit to criminal background checks, mental and physical examinations. No advanced training nor lending and/or grant of arms and ammunition shall be given to any member who has been convicted of a criminal offense or been committed to a mental institution.

The Militia Association will work with any and all militia organizations in the United States that share these same core values, moral principles and restrictions of membership in order to foster cooperation between multiple brigades, divisions, batallions, and individual companies and units of the unorganized militia, including the provision of enhanced training and other forms of direct support.

Enlistment, Training, Registration and Certification

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States declares that a "well regulated militia" is "necessary to the security of a free state". The Militia Association contends that a well regulated militia is one in which its members are adequately trained and armed.

Being armed goes well beyond the mere possession of a firearm and ammunition. Each militia member and local organization of members should be armed with the facts and knowledge regarding the history, purpose, and legal authority for the existence of the milita, as well as an aptitude of some of the basic skill required to aid in the defense of a nation.

For that purpose, the Militia Association has established a process for the enlistment and training of individual members of the militia, as well as a certification process to solidify the standing of local organizational units of militia members. We believe that members of the militia and local militia organizations across the United States can benefit from our eductional programs and certification.

Unfortunately, many in today's society have been exposed to a variety of intimidating and illegal paramilitary groups claiming to represent themselves as 'the militia'. Some of these units form with a well intentioned purpose, however operate in a disregard to established law or may have specific political agendas and may consist of members and leaders with questionable character. This has lead to a number of misconceptions regarding the militia and has had an adverse effect on the security of our nation.

The Registration of Members of our Militia Association and the Certification of local militia organizations is designed to combat such misconceptions and to increase the number of overall participants in the militia, and thus provide for the enhanced security of a free state. Our numbers are important in the face of an enemy force which might otherwise overwhelm us.

Any individual or organization seeking Registration or Certification must meet the following requirements:

• Complete our required enlistment form.

• Submit our Medical Fitness Evaluation Form completed by a doctor. The purpose of this requirement is to identify an individual's ability to perform certain activities and shall in no way bar enlistment.

• Submit to a criminal background check with a local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction in the individual's place of legal residence and to provide a copy of such report. No person, having been convicted of a felony or having been committed to a mental institution shall be eligble for enlistment.

• Submit to a short telephone or in person interview by a trained mental health professional who will submit a basic evaluation of an individuals mental health to us required for consideration of enlistment.

• Enlistees who have served in any standing army of the United States, Reserve or National Guard force should submit a copy of their DD-214 or evidence of prior rank and length of service including type of discharge.

• Each individual who earns an income greater than 100% of the federal poverty level only must submit an enlistment application fee of $25.00. All other individuals seeking a waiver of this fee must submit a recent paystub, prior year tax return or evidence of receipt of state or federal welfare benefits.

• Each approved enlistee applicant shall then be required to take our online course of "basic training" and pass an exam upon its completion.

In the case of organizations, these requirements apply to each individual director, officer or leading management official of the organization. An organization seeking certification must complete our Certification Form and submit the names of all directors, officers and leading members of the organization and their training completion identification number along with a certification fee of $100, unless such fee shall present a financial hardship for the organization.

All enlistment and certification fees paid to the Militia Association shall be used for the educational and charitable purposes of our organization. Registered Members and Certified Organizations are asked to renew their membership every year and donate any amount which they see fit to the Militia Association.

Our "basic training" online course, provides educational material regarding the laws and court precedents which further solidify the legal requirement for the existence of the citizens militia and the indidual right to keep and bear arms. It also serves as an introduction to the several branches of the standing armies of the United States, including reserve components and the National Guard and organized militia of each State, their chains of command and rank structures, histories and traditions and the militia powers of the Congress, the President and State Governors. You will also receive training related to individual and group safety and health. This basic training program is designed to ensure an enlistee's basic knowledge of the militia and his or her individual readiness to continue to receive advanced training.

After completing the prerequisites of an enlistee, including "basic" training, background check and evaluation, an enlistee is converted to the status of a "Registered Member" and will have access to a variery of Militia Association services. These services include advanced militia training related materials covering a vast array of combat and field training manuals, guides and useful support tools. Each Registered Member will also be provided with forms and guides for establishing local units and information on joining existing units that have been certified by the Militia Association.

Individual "Registered Members" who earn less than the established federal poverty level of income are eligible for direct assistance from the association which may include the provision of a firearm and ammunition, training funds for an official State sponsored firearm training course and/or payment of local carry permit fees.

A laminated photo identification card will be issued to validate your enlistment and registration in the Militia Association and identify your level of training. It can also be used to receive discounts at participating commercial and nonprofit businesses and organizations.

If you agree that "You Are The Militia" and wish to join the Militia Association as an Enlistee, Contributing Member or Membership Organization, please contact us or mail your donations to:

Mount Davis Militia Association
1112 Matlick Road
Meyersdale, Pennsylvania 15552-6145

Note: An application for 501(c)(3) status with the IRS is pending. Contributions at this time are not tax deductible.

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